11 December 2017 marks another milestone for Hangzhou CTG 【杭州喜天奇】Group when it lists its network and fiber optic cable manufacturing business under on NSX. These businesses lists on NSX under the listing entity CTG Fibersway International Limited and it trades with CFW as its stock code.  Hangzhou CTG Group traces its history back more than 30 years.

My fellow director, SK Mah, represented Biztrack Consultants at this listing ceremony. More significantly, we are most honoured to have the trust of CFW to act as their nominated adviser. This listing has not been smooth sailing with the company’s application facing certain issues arising from major changes in how the Australian capital market operates. The directors of CFW, in particular Richard Sheng, its executive chairman, have shown considerable perseverance. I am much in awe and admiration shown by Richard and his colleagues throughout this time. In the end, this perseverance and hard work bore fruit. Like the old Chinese saying goes or at least in part it does …..  路长知马力。